Hello, welcome to my page.
I'm just a Simple Orange County Girl
Come join me in my extra-ordinary world.


2/13/23 -Unless I for some reason update tomorrow, happy early valentines day. Adding some links to the links page. Changed the about page to sound a little less obnoxious while also actually trying to describe who I am as a person.
2/6/23 -Links page yay.
2/4/23 -New Remix! Sorry about the shitty cover the remix is from months ago and i personally cannot be assed.
1/31/23 -Oboe page will maybe return. Fixed some stuff here and there (added header image for the blog). And of course, added the traditional cheetah girls kingsfield humanpet crackfic to my dbd stats page, because it really just wasn't complete without it.
1/30/23 -Blog page (partialy) done. Added link to blog back to navi. Also removed the oboe page. I think it was kind of pointless, and that's why it never really got updated.
1/23/23 -Oh look over a month. Added a quiz results section to about. I'm totally dragging my feet on the blog thing which i shouldnt do because i went record shoping yesterday and i wanna share what i got.
12/22/22 -Noooo don't go another full month without updating ur so sexy :'(. I've been doing really small fix kinds of updates for the past month. Also temp. removing the blog page from main again, this time because I want to redesign it. As much as I enjoy the space to talk about my personal life, I doubt it's very interesting to read. My goal is to make a separate section for those kinds of blogs and try to start writing shorter, more interesting blogs about actual topics outside of how much I hate work or something. You can still see it here
11/28/22 -Added Guest book.
11/27/22 -Created a button for this site! It's replaced the link to my neocities page. I also added another section to my about page where I ramble about some internet things. Haha just kidding, I reworked the entire about page again.
11/26/22 -New remix!
11/25/22 -Started on Oboe page. Why is it I always start things at 1 AM expecting to finished them? I also added titles to all of this site's pages. Can't believe it took me this long.
11/24/22 -Added featured element on main. Added link to my neocities page to index and main (HINT HINT ;))
11/7/22 -Added (yet another) about page. Will this one stay? Only time will tell...
11/6/22 -Reworked Remix page. Temporarily removed Nirvana link on navi until I fix those pages
11/3/22 -New blog post.
11/2/22 -Added a section for Nirvana. I know the functionality of the audio is questionable but I kind of rushed it at 1 in the morning, so I'll fix it along with the visuals of the page after I sleep.
11/1/22 -New remix! Also changed the remix page a bit, audio is now hosted by this website instead of youtube. There is also a mysterious new link whos purpose will be revealed later...
10/30/22 -Happy Halloween fuckers. Got rid of the About page (again) and moved it to main (the beautiful blinking monstrosity you see above). New Blog post as well.
9/11/22 -Added back About page with some minor rewrites and as well as some links to my other pages around the internet.
8/30/22 -Finally took the 5? minutes necessary to add the remixes page. I wish html had spellcheck.
8/28/22 -Brought back blog section, as well as a new post. Also changed the feature image. I am now legally required to state that it's ironic.
7/16/22 -Moving things around, preparing for some larger updates to the page. Added the pokemon page back. Added the music tab and a page for The Paroles.
5/28/22 -Temporarily removed some things because I'm having a moment.
4/20/22 <- funny number. Added About page. Created some non-functioning links on the main page to plan framework. I'll finish these updates when I have the energy.
4/18/22 -Fixed some small heres and theres, new blog post.
4/15/22 -Added update log.