The first (new) blog post! I don't have much to write now, so I decided to just share some news from Oboe world. I still haven't decided my goal for the blog yet, if I wanted to continue in the direction I have been going and doing more personal posts more often, or going for more sporatically updated but lengthier posts type of blog where I actually use my big thinky brain to have an opinion about something. Either way, this page is much more organized now, so whichever way I chose to expand it, it won't be an hour long scrolling hell for the reader.

My Oboe cracked! Sad, but alas there are two kinds of oboes in the world: ones who have cracked and ones who have yet to crack. I'm glad it happened now instead of sometime awful like right before (or god forbid during) a performance. You can see a picture of the crack below. As you can see, it's a pretty substantial crack. It's currently on its way to MMI to be pinned, and hopefully will be beack in my hands ready to play mid-February. There's actually a pretty interesting read (probably only for oboeists) somewhere about the debate between pinning a crack and gluing a crack. I'll see if I can find it later today. If it's online I'll just link it, but if I can only find a physical copy I'll scan it. I'm like 90% sure it was in an issue of The Double Reed from 2022.

UPDATE - 12/31/23: You can read the article here!