Welcome to Yoinketd!
This site was born Sunday, March 13th 2022.

The name of this site doesn't really mean anything, it's just a funny handle I came up with in 8th grade and it's the only one I've made so far that doesn't make me cringe after a couple years.

I'm kind of bad at describing myself, but I listed some of my interests on the side bar if it helps give a better picture of who I am. My name is Alec (Some call me Leo), I'm twenty years old, I'm gay, and I'm a musician. I'm mostly a student but I also work somewhat around my city picking up various jobs either playing or teaching, although my gigs are never very consistent. I love writing and producing music, and I really want to be an indie musician someday. People usually describe me as being a little dry, and kind of a sardonic person. I'm very bad at spelling. (I rawdog html so if you notice anything wrong email me at yoinketd@gmail.com or yell at me on neocities/my guestbook)

I started this site as a sort of personal project to keep me entertained over spring break, and it's sort of just kept evolving from there. This is mainly my personal site, although it also serves as a very very informal portfolio.

As the site developed, I became much more serious about using this website as a means to express myself and my interests in a way not limited by current social media sites. I personally believe that neocities will play a big role in the future of the internet, and I hope my small input will be a part of that.

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